Minor surgery

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Dr Hormoz has been performing minor surgery for the last 22 years. He has a vast amount of experience in removing moles (the brown lumps), lipomas (hard fatty lumps), and sebaceous cysts (lumps from blocked glands, that excrete the oil that normally goes onto your skin). If required, we’d also send the sample for histopathology assessment to make sure you don’t need any further treatment, in case the lump is suspicious, to ensure you’re cared for even as you leave our facility.

Dr Hormoz has had extensive training which he has melded with his own experience to bring about the most cosmetically pleasing outcomes to these surgeries. After the consult, We would clean and drape the area to impede infections and then inject some local anaesthetic to make the rest of the procedure as painless as possible. Both the incision and closure method we choose are done with the final cosmesis at the forefront of our mind, whilst attempting to treat the pathology in its entirety.

Some people languish on the waiting list for months at their GP to have these procedures done. Let us show you how much better both your experience and the final result will be under our care.