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A popular treatment performed only by Dr Hormoz in Gisoo, with the intention to relax muscles around the face for a prolonged period of time. This is done so the wrinkles of the skin attached to the muscles become less prominent, bringing a more youthful appearance.
During the consult, Dr Hormoz will discuss your history with botox, as well as your expectations for this treatment, and what results he can aim to provide. After determining the dosage required, the procedure will take less than 20 minutes, and effects can last up to 5 months.


When is the best time for botox


Whilst the effects of botox may be more obvious on deep set wrinkles, preventative botox is well known to slow the onset of those wrinkles in the first place. Whilst there is no gold standard for the best age to start botox, we generally advise that preventative botox can start from when you first notice the earliest fine lines.


How much botox will I need?

For those with previous experience with botox, during the consult we’ll discuss your previous doses, but your requirements may increase or decrease over time and with changes in brand. The exact dosage required will be confirmed during the consult.